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Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) is an award winning, and nationally recognised, assessment and training qualification for minibus drivers administered by the CTA and it is becoming the industry standard for passenger transport drivers. Whilst it is not yet a mandatory requirement for operators, drivers are not able to drive wheelchair 'accessible' vehicles belonging to other organisations throughout the country unless they have received training in the skills associated with using such minibuses.Drivers who successfully complete the MiDAS assessment and training programme will receive a nationally recognised certificate valid for four years.

MiDAS training is therefore highly recommended for all minibus drivers as it offers:

  • Enhanced passenger safety
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Increased driver confidence
  • Reduced stress on the minibus driver
  • A better image for your organisation

LG's MiDAS training course is delivered by myself Leonard Grimshaw, please read my 'About us' section.  We are based in Ormskirk Lancashire and we train minibus drivers and Driver/Assessor Trainers (DAT) to the required MiDAS standard throughout the UK.

How MiDAS works

After completing the registration process at which licences are checked and a basic eyesight test is completed, the course involves:

  • A classroom based training session   
  • Driving practice and tuition ? this will be carried out on road and will include the opportunity for the trainee to drive the vehicle under supervision, in order to receive on-road vehicle familiarisation
  • Drivers are assessed against MiDAS standards            

After a successful assessment trainees will be given further basic training by their DAT in the skills and information you need when driving minibuses.

On successful completion of the MiDAS training, trainees receive a certificate which enables them to drive the minibuses of other MiDAS members throughout the UK without the need for re-assessment (although a familiarisation session and checks for insurance compliance will still be necessary).


Please take the time to read our website and contact LG MinibusTraining today for a Free consultation and see why we are the UK's leading Midas training company and how we can help your organisation.

MiDAS "5 Steps to Safety" Minibus Fire & Evacuation 

The 5 Steps to Safety course is a classroom based theory training and practical training providing the skills and information needed when evacuating a vehicle due to fire or emergency.

The practical element involves observed evacuations of a minibus both with and without the presence of smoke simulation. Candidates are observed participating in evacuations involving role-playing passengers with disabilities or other factors that may delay or complicate an evacuation.

The course comprises: 

  • How to recognise common causes of fire
  • How to reduce the risk of vehicle fires starting
  • When and how to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to safely evacuate a vehicle using the 5 steps to safety
  • Candidates will receive a certificate on completion. 

This course is suitable for both drivers and passenger assistants who can train together to improve the teamwork needed to improve awareness and passenger safety. 

Please note: To attend the 5 Steps to Safety course you must have to complete a MiDAS course or have a current  Midas certificate.                          


Please take the time to read our website and call LG Midas Training today and see why we are one of the leading Midas training companies in the North west and how we can help your organisation.

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